Why choose us?

We offer the best features of premium booters / stressers for much lower than others.


All attacks come from multiple spoofed source IP addresses, guaranteeing your anonymity.

Dedicated Servers

We use gigabit, high speed dedicated servers for your stresser attacks.

High Bandwidth

Our attacks are high bandwidth, making your target go down, and stay down.


We guarantee the target will go down quickly with our high speed attack methods.


Our attack servers have 99% uptime, giving you a hard hit no matter what time of day.

Free Support

We have multiple admins on staff 24/7 to assist you with any trouble you may experience.


Not only are we one of the hardest hitting booters on the market, we pride ourselves on having low prices as well.

Membership Name Price Features Membership Length
900 $10.00 USD 900 second attacks 1 month
1800 $15.00 USD 1800 second attacks 1 month
3600 $30.00 USD 3600 second attacks 1 month
5000 $45.00 USD 5000 second attacks 1 month
7200 $65.00 USD 7200 second attacks 1 month
10800 $95.00 USD 10800 second attacks
2 concurrent attacks
VIP support
1 month

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